Everything you want to know about what a solicitor is and how to become one.

Timeline of actions

  • Stage 1: see the stage 1 timeline for a list of suggested actions to take to develop your career.
  • Stage 2: this timeline will be available by 12 October.

Essential criteria, skills and qualities

  • An academic record
  • All firms will seek a consistently high level of achievement but some will specify that you must have particular grades at both  A-level (or equivalent) and degree.  Normally firms seeks a 2:1 in your degree and AAB / ABB at A-level or the equivalent.

Skills and qualities which they will seek include:

  • Adaptability / Flexibility  – can you deal with new ideas and challenges?
  • Analysis –  can you think clearly through a problem?
  • Commercial awareness – see here.
  • Communication – Can you explain complex issues clearly and simply?  Can you fluently articulate your thoughts
  • Creativity – can you see alternative ways to approach and solve problems?
  • Enthusiasm, Drive and Determination – do you fit a lot into your life?
  • Organisation and Time management – you’ll need to be able to keep up with developments in the law, your clients’ businesses and the cases they are working on. Can you multi-task?
  • Teamwork – you need to enjoy working with others both colleagues and clients.

Develop commercial awareness
Open days and workshops
Training Contracts/PRT
Skills, qualities and essential criteria
Skills development
The application process
CV writing
Vacation schemes
1st year work experience