Bar Professional Training Course

To apply for the course:

Read about “How to Survive and Thrive on the BPTC” (a The NewJurist article) from someone actually taking the course.

Bar Course Aptitude Test

The BCAT is an essential entry requirement for the BPTC.  You can sit it between November and early September (you must check the exact dates as they can vary each year) in the year leading up to your start on the BPTC.  You can sit it as many times as you need to but you will have to pay each time –  it will cost you £150 if you sit it in a UK or EU centre or £170 elsewhere in the world. Do not leave it late in the year to register as the available seats in test centres can fill up the later you leave it.

The BCAT asks you to:

  • Draw inferences from facts –  discern truthfulness from a given statement
  • Recognise Assumptions –  work out if a second statement is a correct assumption from the first.
  • Deduce – use a series of premises to decide if a statement is a strong or weak argument.
  • Interpret –  decide if a conclusion follows from a paragraph of information and a statement.
  • Evaluate Arguments –  decide if an argument is strong or weak based on a statement and a number of arguments.

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Information about the test:

Preparing for the test:

  •  – there is a practice test on this page
  • Examples of the types of questions used in the test
  • At the time of writing this entry the Library was in the process of considering the purchase of a book about the BCAT which contains sample questions and answers.  Ask in the Law Library.  2.11.15

Registering for the test: