Alternative legal jobs

  • Paralegal ⇒ The Institute of Paralegals offers lots of information and help
  • Chartered Legal Executives ⇒ CiLEX offer the chance to also qualify as a solicitor through further vocational training. They have a law graduate fast path to qualification also. Earn while they learn:
  • Company Secretary ⇒ this is a strategic position of considerable influence at the heart of governance operations within an organisation.
  • Licensed Conveyancer ⇒ a specialist lawyer whom can do everything that a solicitor can do in a conveyancing transaction – they have the same legal authority to act.
  • United Nations ⇒ legal Job openings at the Office of Legal Affairs are managed by the United Nations Office for Human Resources Management:
  • Court Usher ⇒ Ushers’ duties include escorting judges to and from court, preparing and closing courtrooms, carrying out court duties i.e. obtaining names of legal representatives, preparing court lists, maintaining order in the courtroom, administering oaths in court, and handing round exhibits. Vacancies are advertised on HMCS website:
  • Researcher, Law Commission ⇒ There is an annual recruitment of researchers to work on legal review and reform projects. Posts last for up to twelve months.  ‘If you are interested please speak with Jayne Instone as there are staff in KLS whom have previously held these posts and  you can speak with them about it.
  • Law Costs Draftsman ⇒ ensure that a firm’s clients are properly charged for work undertaken. Completion of a two-year, learn-while-you-earn course is required to qualify:
  • Legal Cashiers ⇒ usually work in solicitors’ practices. They keep financial records and keep solicitors informed of the financial position of the firm:
  • Legal Secretary ⇒ provide secretarial and clerical support to solicitors, barristers and the law courts. Positions can usually be found by contacting firms directly or checking with local recruitment agencies:

Beyond the legal profession