Many employers, both in law and other sectors, run competitions of some kind (from essays to business challenges) which allow you to showcase your excellence and win prizes or get published.   Prizes can be monetary to work experience but always look fantastic on your CV and will often lead to consideration by the organisers for placements/internships/future employment.

The competitions listed on this page are ones which I think may be relevant to law students (not all will be in law!) but there may be many more ‘out there’ including those found in the Careers & Employability Service’s newsletters.

Law-related competitions and calls for submissions:

  • Do you want to write for a Family Law Firm? Ronald Fletcher & Co are looking for contributors to their Family Law Blog
    Ronald Fletcher & Co are a boutique law firm in Central London that specialises in all areas of family law. They have a credible Family Law Blog that publishes daily articles on all matters relating to divorce, marriage and child issues.They are currently looking for contributions to their Blog so if you have legal knowledge and a flair for writing, they would be interested to hear from you.Their guidelines:

    • Your article must be family law or general law related, i.e. divorce, domestic abuse or a change to court fees
    • Try to not make your article‘time sensitive’, i.e. instead of writing an article about the most recent development of a famous case, you would write an overview of the entire case
    • Write your article for a wide audience as both legal professionals and the general public read their blog
    • They ask for a short/medium length headline and a minimum of 300 words for the article
    • They offer a byline and recognition with every article and look forward to building relationships with the legal experts of tomorrow
    • To be considered, please email your idea and a short brief to

Non-legal competitions

I’ve just come across a new website which is trying to collate all of the student compeitions nationally and some globally too.  So, if the above are not of interest take at look at this website –