Spotlight on Employability Points


Employability Points (EP’s) are awarded for active engagement in extra-curricular activities that can boost employability prospects post-university. EP’s are rewarded following the development and enhancmenet of skills.   You can earn EP’s for attending careers/employability talks/workshops, volunteering, being a student mentor, work experience, society membership and so many more things.  See the listings here:

Why collect points?

Essentially “points make prizes!”  Where have we heard that before?   At the end of the academic year the number of EP’s you have achieved will allow you to access various rewards ranging from a voucher to training to a work placement.   For more details see   This year the EP team are working hard to increase the number of rewards that are relevant to law students.  Already there is a work experience opportunity available in the legal department of the Brett Group and we hope for more by the end of the year.   (I have had questions about how to apply for this – you can’t – you need to earn the EP’s first and you will then be told how you can apply at the end of the EP collecting period).

All KLS Employability organised activites have employability points attached (even if we fail to tell you this – which sometimes we do!).

You can sign up for the scheme and log your activities here: