What happens to Kent’s Graduates

Every year graduates are surveyed to find out what they are doing 6 months after graduation.  It’s great news to hear that Kent’s graduates are doing very well.  See the Careers & Employability Service’s report here.

You’ll also be very pleased to hear that Kent Law graduates do better than average too with 40% of law graduates entering employment – including a very healthy number in legally related careers including trainee scrivener notary, court manager, paralegals and legal clerks/assistants, claims negotiators, chambers assistant, legal adviser, caseworkers, legal executive, trainee company secretary.

Kent graduates working elsewhere went into law enforcement (police, army, probation), education, finance (analysts, auditor, trainee accountants, PI negotiator, ship broker, stockbroker, tax adviser), the public sector (such as councils, HMRC, PCT, CPS, Ministry of Justice, NHS in investigations, benefits, casework, administration, business support); property (neighbourhood officer, surveyor, manager); marketing, sales, advertising and media and the voluntary sector (including fundraising and HR).

For full details see here.

And for information about what happens to postgraduates after their LLM see here.