Viktorija Makarovaite and Robert Horne part of new KTP with Smith and Nephew

The KTP team posing in a row in front of a window with a view of Hull harbour

Dr Viktorija Makarovaite and Dr Robert Horne (Engineering) have recently secured funding for a new KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) with Smith+Nephew KTP project along with Catherine Tate and Charlotte Siliafis. Together, they have received an overall funding award of £245K.

The development of an embedded system that can read the output from the sensors and correlate the data via UHF/NFC or Bluetooth to a program on the patient’s phone, computer or a separate stand-alone unit.

The project aims to provide real impact in its 30 months, with the goal of Kent developed technologies being in a commercially viable product by the project’s conclusion. This collaboration reflects the University of Kent’s commitment to high impact Biomedical Engineering projects with world-leading industrial partners.

Congratulations to Viktorija and Robert on this achievement.

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