Boost Your Business and Build Back Better with the Innovation Fund

Apply for our Innovation Fund by the 28 May to boost your business and build back better

For a short time only, our Recovery Innovation Fund is available to small or medium-sized businesses (including the 3rd sector) who could benefit from accessing tailored advice and support from the University of Kent’s academic experts.

How does it work?

The fund can provide 50% of the total value of your project (excluding VAT), or up to £7,500. This is support funding whereby a cash contribution from the business is match funded from the University. This funding covers the cost of the academic time and other resources spent on the project.

How can it help my businesses?

Using the Recovery Innovation Fund to access the University’s expertise can help you to:

Cultivate business efficiency. Dr Lina Simeonova from Kent Business School has been awarded funding to do just that, by developing a data analytics tool to measure construction delivery risks and incorporate the output into a model that the company can use to engage with their clients.

Explore new ways to inspire your company’s evolution. Dr Lina Simeonova has also been awarded funding to work with an architectural company to design a system which will integrate and automate data management. This will to improve transparency along the company’s supply chain of customer orders and enhance visibility.

Discover or cultivate new products. Dr Robert Baker from the School of Physical Sciences is embarking on a project with a sustainable packaging company to perform a lifecycle assessment of their new plant-based oven ready meal packaging, providing evidence of the material’s carbon footprint and how it compares with current plastic packaging.

Solve Problems. Dr Anastasios Tsaousis from the School of Biosciences has been awarded funding to work with an agricultural company to investigate the soil’s (micro)biology behind its gas emissions. Anastasios will establish the techniques to investigate the soil’s microbiota composition and biology, prior to any structural and farming alterations in the field.

Allow your employees to improve and grow. Our academics can work with businesses to develop bespoke training courses to meet employee needs.

Engage with viability studies. The University can provide the expertise and facilities you need to test the feasibility of your business ideas.

How can I apply?

Applications for the fund are open until 28 May 2021. Please contact Kent’s Business Relationship Team (email: who will guide you through the application form and process.

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