Applying Artificial Intelligence to Talent Acquisition

John Parkinson, Chief Information Officer at HR GO and Dr Anna Jordanous, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Kent

John is responsible for the digital transformation of all the operations within HR GO plc and setting the group digital strategy. He aims to make the business more efficient and to bring customers closer through applying technology in a sensitive way to client-facing and back-office systems, infrastructure, and business intelligence.

He is the grandson of HR GO’s founder, Betty Parkinson, and continues the tradition of HR GO as a family business.

Dr. Anna Jordanous is a lecturer in the School of Computing, at the Medway campus of the University of Kent. She is a member of the Computational Intelligence and Data Science research groups. Her research areas include computational creativity and its evaluation, music informatics, digital humanities, knowledge modelling, Semantic Web, and natural language processing. Primarily she works with computational creativity – the modelling, simulation or replication of creative activities and behaviour using computational means – with a focus on the question of how to evaluate claims of computer software being creative. As well as writing creative software to improvise music, Dr Jordanous has contributed a highly-cited standardised procedure for evaluating creative systems. She also uses music information retrieval and natural language processing in her work.

Anna has collaborated with HR GO plc to explore how Machine Learning could be used in the recruitment process.

John Parkinson and Dr Anna Jordanous will be speaking about “Applying Artificial Intelligence to Talent Acquisition.”

20th November 2020, 9:30 start.

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