Event: Breakfast Briefing: The Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges

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Date And Time
Fri, 12 July 2019, 08:00 – 11:00

Join us and other businesses for breakfast and an interactive session explaining the UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenges and how these can strengthen (or weaken) your business.

This breakfast briefing will be a quick, informative and interactive way to learn about the Challenges and how to access opportunity funding. As part of the morning we will have a working session to illustrate how the Strategy highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the UK economy and discuss how these strengths and weaknesses relate to your business.

  • How will the Grand Challenges offer opportunity for your business?
  • Where have the disruptors come from so far?
  • Where will be next for disruption?
  • What will be our perspective on value, sustainable impact and well-being as we address the Grand challenges?

Progressive organisations and inspiring leaders are starting to realise that innovation and profit should go hand in hand. Whilst it can be hard to predict the next big disruption, it is possible to identify forces at play right now that will have a major impact on the future of business. This is a must-attend event for organisations looking to stay ahead of their competition and focus on technologies driving business disruption.

The Industrial Challenges being discussed are:

  • Artificial Intelligence and data – new industries in their own right, they are also transforming business models across many sectors as they deploy vast datasets to identify better ways of doing complex tasks.
  • Ageing society – Ageing populations will create new demands for technologies, products and services. We have an obligation to help our older citizens lead independent, fulfilled lives, continuing to contribute to society.
  • Clean growth – Whole new industries will be created and existing industries transformed as we move towards a low carbon, more resource-efficient economy.
  • Future of mobility – A profound change in how we move people, goods and services around our towns, cities and countryside. This is driven by extraordinary innovation in engineering, technology and business models.

Event presenters:

  • Fernando Otero, from the University of Kent, speaking about artificial intelligence and data
  • Will Pearson, Head of Academic Engagement Connected Places Catapult, speaking about mobility
  • Eric Kihlstrom, from Innovate UK, speaking about ageing society
  • Jason Lewis, from Peter Brett Associates, speaking about clean growth

Companies and organisations that can leverage the research and knowledge from Universities into real world business applications can gain a real advantage for essential economic growth.

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