Announcing the Industrial Strategy Fund

Funding is now available through Kent Innovation & Enterprise for business-university innovation collaboration.

The aim of the fund is to drive commercial development, economic growth and job creation by enabling UK businesses to undertake innovation projects with the University of Kent. Collaborative development projects are designed to assist the industrial community in areas highlighted in the UK Industrial Strategy.

This is support funding whereby a cash contribution from business is matched by resources from the University – in effect making the University contribution free of charge to the company.

Projects and/or the company or organisation must fall within the following sectors and areas of technology:

  1. Creative industry – new technologies and discovering new business opportunities
  2. Logistics and transport – improving information for Cross Channel network optimisation
  3. Food and agriculture – determining the region’s best opportunity for disruptive innovation
  4. Environment and construction – use of sensor technology and innovation in business systems
  5. Bioscience and medical – building on the University’s growing strength in the region

The fund will run to the end of June 2019, must be match-funded by the business, and outputs from these projects must include new products, processes or services.

Activity covered by Project:

  • Industrial research – planned research to acquire new knowledge for developing new or improving existing products, processes or services.
  • Experimental development – the acquisition, combination or shaping of existing knowledge to produce plans or designs for new or improved products, processes and services.
  • Process innovation – the implementation of a new or significantly improved production or delivery method including techniques, equipment and/or software.
  • Organisational innovation – the implementation of a new organisational method in a company’s business practices, workplace organisation or external relations.

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