Champions Forum Success!

The first KentVision Programme Forum specifically for our Change Champions took place at our home, The Innovation Centre, last week. The Champions were lucky enough to have a sunny day to stroll from campus to us at the Innovation Centre, and we’re hoping everyone agrees that was just the start of a lovely afternoon learning just a little bit more about KentVision and getting comfortable being a Champion.

Our Change Manager, Jayne Hornsby, opened the afternoon with a welcome, recognising that all of our Champions are volunteers and therefore perhaps even more deserved of our thanks!

Everyone was encouraged to consider the event a trial run, sharing any and all thoughts. The Series of Forums following this intend to utilise a similar format, so thoughts on the shape of the afternoon would be in the interests of colleagues at future events. If you were with us last Wednesday and you’re reading this now without yet sharing your comments on the afternoon – you know how to get in touch and we would love to hear from you. (The number of comments on our Feedback Wall suggest there may still be one or two attendees who have something to share with us!)

This Forum and those that follow over the coming months are to offer a taste of KentVision, with an introduction to the related concepts and demonstrations illustrating look and feel. Once you have a taste, of course you want more though! Not a problem, Forums are not the only way to engage with KentVision. In preparation for launch you will have access to an array of online resources and the KentVision Handbook, we’ll run Change Sessions & Presentations to target specific areas for specific groups and individuals, alongside which User Acceptance Testing will be the first opportunity for some users to get genuinely hands on with KentVision before training. If you want to be ‘in the know’, prepared for and able to get the best out of KentVision then look out for how to get involved and visit our web pages to keep up to date with everything on offer.

A key point of the afternoon included re-iterating that there is a larger process of transformation at work in KentVision; There are cultural changes to be understood and accepted. And the very act of doing so will make it all the clearer why KentVision brings with it refinement of our downstream processes and a system that operates a little differently than we might be used to. The KentVision Handbook (coming soon) will offer an introduction to these cultural changes alongside more information about the Programme, whilst the Student Lifecycle Library will expand on this introduction to explore these changes and much more in greater depth. This library will continue to grow as long as there is more to share, it’s online and available for everyone to access – we hope you find it useful and will return to see what’s new regularly.

If a more interactive means of getting to grips with these cultural changes is better for you, from May you’ll be able to join us at the Change Session ‘Introduction to KentVision’. Consideration of the new ‘world view’ forged by cultural changes will form the backbone of this session. Expect to see advertising and sign up facility soon; There’s no restriction on who can attend other than the numbers, so keep an eye out if you’re interested. This, alongside a number of other sessions, is designed to introduce the scope of change to staff before, during, and after training takes place. Although we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the general principles underpinning the design of KentVision wherever possible, we know talking these things through is what brings them to life for many people!

And the two sessions that were the main event of the afternoon were well received:

Discussion about training was led by KentVision Trainer Lee Martin. Starting with coverage of our approach, the methods we’ll adopt and just how we plan to set up for delivery, Lee also included a taster of some training materials, a demonstration and a video showing the registration process in KentVision. Browse the presentation here.

Our Business Analyst in the area of Student Support, Lisa Babbs, kicked off her session with an overview of Disability Details and Inclusive Learning Plans before working through a live demonstration with attendees. Browse the presentation here.

And there was even more on offer in the form of posters, postcards and more … you can review all the materials from the event here.

Neither session failed to inspire discussion and questions, so we’ll share a few below and you can find more FAQ’s on our web pages.


Last but not least, thank you to all the Champions who came along last week and thank you to all of you who have signed up for an upcoming event!


If you’re not already signed up, we hope you’re all the more interested in joining us at an Open Forum soon … See what’s on and sign up anytime on our Open Forum page.


Topic: Student Support

Question: Will there be monthly reports on the details of ILPs (for schools to be able to manage changes)?

Answer: There will be weekly reports in the same way there currently are, detailing which students have new or amended ILPs; These will be emailed to departmental inboxes in Schools and Central Services departments. The new ILPs will show when individual adjustments were added or amended, so it will be easier for staff to pin down exactly where the changes are.


Topic: Scholarships & Bursuries

Question: Will we be able to see historical scholarship applications in KentVision?

Answer: Although there isn’t an excessive amount of detail held in SDS regarding scholarship applications, where there is information a basic funding bid will be created in KentVision and held and visible against the student.


Topic: Training

Question: Will there be provision for post go-live training?

Answer: Yes, there is a bid in train for resources that include provision for training.