December Forum Review & Question Share

What everyone wanted to know!

Last week the KentVision Programme held an Open Forum to raise awareness of KentVision, share what we’ve been doing, what we will be doing and pave the way for activities with stakeholders in the New Year, all in preparation for our launch in September 2018.

Everything we do is with our stakeholders at our side, so one of the essential messages of the Forum was ‘thank you’:

Thank you to all those stakeholders who have already committed time to KentVision.

Thank you in advance to those who will soon be working with us.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support.

And thank you to those who joined us on the day!

There was, of course, many other messages too. We considered some of the reasons it is imperative KentVision launches and went on to introduce some of the individuals who will lead on activities that will take the Programme and its stakeholders through to Go Live.

Please feel free to browse the presentation here.

And here’s a couple of the most interesting questions from the day, we’ll follow with more in the New Year …

  • We all understand this is huge and has been difficult, if anything unexpected was to happen, is there a plan b?
    • To start with, it’s just good practice that you don’t do anything to your resident approach and solution that would stop you carrying on with it. That said, it has been expressed with no uncertainty that we must go live in 2018. Our journey to date illustrates how we can overcome challenges with re-planning. We can’t delay the train for a few of the passengers. For example, we could sequence UAT and training according to the student lifecycle for UG, PGT or PGR. There’s ways and means – it’s been made clear where the station is and we’re getting there.
  • We’re concerned about having time to give to User Acceptance Testing and Training – Can you tell us when it’s going to be and who will be involved?
    • Time is always a concern, we are very aware of just how busy everyone is, but these are necessary and essential activities. UAT is to be undertaken with the minimal possible disruption through the most efficient number of users to represent all relevant University areas. Likewise, training will be both about preparing users for launch, but also leaving assets in place to cascade and continue training moving forward. So we can’t tell you the exact arrangements as to who will undertake what on what days just yet, but we are mapping to capture the necessary users and planning roll out of UAT and training elements to suit all.


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