Why KentVision?

The Programme objectives, the difference it will mean for you and even more reasons why KentVision!


The Programme’s objectives have the full support of the University and it feels safe to say we can speak for all in sharing how much we look forward to realising each one:

  • To provide an administrative journey that is clear, informative and seamless to all applicants and students.
  • To create a unified academic administration across central services, faculties, schools and colleges; operating common lean business processes and a single source of high quality authoritative data.
  • To improve business processes and deliver IT enablement that fulfills the University’s strategy for effective and efficient operation, using standard SITS capability to maximum advantage.
  • To establish a digital campus with a fully integrated suite of mobile-enabled services for students and staff.
  • To refine student administration, reducing administrative effort to create time for staff to address other goals and provide a robust and agile foundation for the future.


The work we’re doing, always with these objectives at the core, is intended to take us to a very different future for student administration; an empowered future where the everyday is both easier and enriched, the information you need is at your fingertips, the processes are structured to manage effectively, there are the tools to complete tasks efficiently and there is the freedom to communicate effortlessly.


This investment in student lifecycle administration of course contributes to the University’s operational strategic ambitions, but is equally committed to bettering the professional and personal experience for both staff and students. All departments – central services, faculties, schools and centres – whether brought together by process, technology or just by efficiencies that have allowed the time to consider and communicate more widely will be a step closer together. United toward our ultimate goal, providing an outstanding student experience and supporting every student to success.

Unified processes and centralised management of core bulk data processing will enable schools to refocus their time on face to face engagement with students.

We are adding to KentVision Admissions, forging another unified process with a common system in SITS for the complete administration of the student lifecycle, right from application through enrolment and on to congregations – a seamless administrative journey for students throughout their academic career at the University.

We secure our footing when it comes to data; accurate, reliable and high quality data will be more readily available for confidential use internally and for reporting to external bodies such as HESA.

And all while creating a robust and agile foundation for the future!



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