What is KentVision?

And what else do I need to know?


The KentVision Programme is a major business change programme, undertaken by the University to support improvements in student lifecycle administration and student experience.


Improvements sounds great, but how?

  • Refining our business processes
  • Implementation of the Tribal SITS product across enrolment to congregations
  • Integrating admissions with enrolment to congregations

So what does that actually mean?

The KentVision programme will implement KentVision – a complete administration solution of unified and value-added business processes with efficiencies enabled by a new student management system, all planned and controlled by your rules to underpin administrative activity for the full student lifecycle.



The Programme is well underway now, and will launch KentVision for the 2018-19 academic year.

So from September 2018 staff will use KentVision for an array of administrative activities across the complete student life cycle, including everything from student, programme or module look ups to registering students, viewing module diets, entering and viewing marks, approving PGR supervisory meetings, processing scholarships and more.

And, likewise, students will use KentVision to do anything from enrolling to choosing modules, accessing their timetable, viewing personal information, PGR progress reviews and their marks.

And what else do I need to know?

There will be change in many ways, for many people throughout the University, but only change for the better. Many of you have been working with us right through design, development and into testing and now it’s time for even more of us to work alongside one another through to implementation and beyond.

We will undertake a variety of activities to prepare everyone for the coming changes. We’ll keep you in tune with Programme progress and what that means for you, help you to prepare and then guide you through the change itself, and work through reference data exercises and user acceptance testing before conducting a programme of training.


So if we’re not already in touch, we very likely will be soon!


Questions? Get in touch KentVision@kent.ac.uk


Want to know more? Visit sharepoint.kent.ac.uk/sites/KentVision