Learning through lockdown: my study experiences

Student in bio lab Since spring 2020, when the first Covid-19 lockdown was announced, studying at Kent has been different. Most of our students have been learning through a blend of in-person and online teaching, depending on government rules in force at any one time. We asked some of our students how they’ve adapted to these changes and made the most of a different learning experience.

“Overall, the University has made a big effort to adapt and support students throughout [the pandemic]. It is a completely different student experience for us. I think Teams works well. Obviously it is not the same as a face-to-face seminar, but we have been able to adapt to a virtual setting. We do all our group work on Teams and when the work is finished, we often stay and chat.”

Maria Da Silva Perpetua, International Business with a Year in Industry

“I thought online learning wouldn’t work, but in fact I think some things were better online. I found listening to lectures online worked well and was more interactive. You can put your questions in the chat and can see other people’s questions too. In a large live lecture, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to keep track of all that.”

David Newall, Mechanical Engineering

“The School of Biosciences handled it very well. Rather than having one lab every week, we had one every two weeks. I liked going to labs so initially I thought it was a shame…but it worked out very well. In terms of our lectures, I actually like online studying now…with online learning, we had asynchronous and synchronous content where you watch several videos, do your reading and other activities such as quizzes before your lecture. That worked really well for me because when I was listening to the lecture I felt more prepared…Also, some people find it easier to ask questions online, so more people participate in the lecture.”

Camille Cure, Biomedical Sciences

“I’ve actually enjoyed having lessons online more than in person! I can choose to watch the lectures in sections if I want to, and if I have a question I just ask for a video chat with my lecturer. I don’t even have to walk to their office. The support has been incredible.”

Kausara Rasaki, Law

student at laptop

“I’m used to online studying now, and if you need help, it’s easy to set up a Teams meeting with your lecturer or seminar leader. The School keeps us informed.”

Ines-Karel Zepa-D’aboui, International Business