Support at Kent: our students share their experiences

At Kent, you have access to all kinds of academic and personal support from the moment you arrive here. Whether that’s from your academic tutor, a student mentor, or university services, there are many options you can turn to. We asked our undergraduates what they think about the support they’ve had.

“All my lecturers are really nice. If you’re struggling with anything, or have any questions, they’re always available to help you. You can email them and they’re happy for you to ask questions during the lectures. They’re not going to be annoyed if you interrupt them! And, at the end, they’re happy to stay behind and talk things through with you.”

Olivia Keers, Chemistry MChem

“The lecturers are really friendly. The School of Engineering and Digital Arts is a small school so because of that you get all the attention that you need. You don’t have to wait a long time to get responses from people. I think the support in EDA is very, very good.”

Ayo Rajitola, Computer Systems Engineering

“Every single member of the team genuinely cares about your education and wants you to succeed…They treat students as colleagues…and, because the Centre [for Journalism] is quite small, everybody knows everybody.”

Jamie Long, Journalism

“We have our academic advisers who are very easy to contact…they’re more than willing to help you if you’re getting stuck on a subject.”

Catriona Eade, Digital Arts

“Lecturers and students know each other on a personal level and it is very easy to reach out and gain support with regards to studies. I have attended numerous optional workshops alongside my course which are aimed at improving study skills for success for example essay and report technique workshops.”

Tim Carnell, Business and Management

“The academic support and wellbeing support are really good. I had an academic peer mentor…any my academic adviser was really helpful. The Student Learning Advisory Service can help you with academic writing and essay planning.”

Abigail Spanner, Classical & Archaeological Studies and Comparative Literature

“Our lecturers try to set up opportunities for us however they can, to ensure we’re getting as much support as we need. If I need a hand or some advice, I can book a meeting with them and they’ll try to help.”

Angel Lawson, Music Performance and Production

“I took a course in essay writing that was useful in preparing me for university-style academic writing. I regularly go to the skills hub in the School of Politics which is run by seminar leaders, with general support for essays, assignments and time management.”

Svenja Bauer, Politics and International Relations

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