Student housing tips

An image of students relaxing in a kitchenThink about who you want to live with –  This is probably one of the most important decisions you’ve made since picking Kent. Who you live with has a massive impact on your university experience

Don’t be afraid to say no to your friends – sometimes you can be friends with someone but know that living with them just wouldn’t work out. If you think your friendship won’t survive the 100th argument about who needs to take the bin out, then politely tell them that it just might not be the best idea

If you want to continue living with your current housemates…

Don’t be afraid to ask people early – everyone is in the same boat and will appreciate some else taking the lead

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – I’ve looked at houses that have visible damp and mould. You don’t have to keep your questions to the landlord/agent, ask any current tenants what they think about the house, and ask other students who are already living off campus. If there are any issues with the house ask the agent about them and if they’re due to be fixed, then email to get this confirmed. Whilst it might not be part of your contract at least you have some proof

Research The Agents – Whilst word of mouth is a great way to get information, it’s also a good idea to check out all the reviews online, but keep in mind that they might not all be what they appear. Double check fees, you don’t want to get to the last week of your tenancy before finding out there’s an eighty-pound moving fee.

This post is by Lucy Webb