Dealing with the deadline blues

University of Kent student studying at a laptopits deadline season, again. Every student has made a home in the library, accompanied by a coffee and their laptop. It sounds miserable, especially when Christmas is right around the corner. But, it doesnt have to be.

The key to dealing with the deadline blues is actually pretty simple. Plan, schedule and structure. Buy a journal and write down your commitments for the week. When are you working? When are you spending time with your society? When are you going to visit your family and friends?You shouldnt have to cancel your life for the sake of an essay. You have to balance your degree and your downtime equally. That is how you remain above the water. Never submerge yourself in deadlines. Be prepared.

Stay ahead of your schedule. Find a day, or few hours where you can dedicate yourself to your degree. Maybe it is on a Monday morning before your first lecture. Or perhaps it is during your break at work. The idea is to set a goal and stick with it. You might have a 2,500 word essay due in a weeks time. No worries. Dont stress. Split that essay up – work on it for three days. Write 800 words per day, and then edit. It doesnt have to be a challenge.

Essays and deadline will be a big part of your university experience. But they should never be daunting. It is an opportunity to learn more about the studies you love so dearly, and express your thought and opinions on a piece of paper. Believe or not, they can actually be fun. As an English Literature student I love analysing different books and finding out what everyone else is thinking. Perhaps they will change my mind. Maybe Ill learn to love a book I thought I hated. Essays are the opportunity to explore. Dont make them a chore.

Be prepared and manage your time well. That is how you can fully enjoy everything that university has to offer.

This post is by Sophia Christodoulou