Why Inquire Media is one of the best societies

An image of a student at a PCI cannot stress it enough: join a society! It is what will make or break your university experience. And while the sport societies are definitely the most popular on campus, they are not the only option. In fact, they are far from it.

There is a society for baking, cocktail making, poetry, television production, and so many more. But, my favourite, and the star of this post, is Inquire Media.

Inquire is our university’s very own newspaper. It’s for students and it’s written by students. The whole team are one family, and support one another with every achievement and every goal. They accept anyone; anyone can write for Inquire, whether it is for the newspaper itself or the website.

There is a section for everyone. If you love watching, commenting or playing sports, then you have the opportunity to share your thoughts in the sports section! Maybe you love travelling, or eating at alternative restaurants, or keeping up to date with the latest trends, then the lifestyle section would be perfect for you. Explore culture, entertainment, world and local news, plus so many more. You have the chance to talk to everyone on campus, in such a unique and insightful way. Don’t waste the opportunity.

You’ll make friends that will follow you through your course, where you’ll bond at meetings and socials. The meetings are only half an hour or so, and then you usually have a whole week to write your article. You have the freedom to write whatever you want. But don’t worry, you are given guidelines on how to write. You will never be left in the dark. And then you have your socials; they’re every other week. They can range from a get together at someone’s house, a karaoke session in Origins, or a themed night out in Venue or town! You will always have a fantastic night out with Inquire Media.

Inquire is perfect because you can shape it around your life. You have the ease to control what you write, and when you write it. There isn’t an obligation unless you have chosen to write a specific article for that week.

Have fun, and get writing for our brilliant student newspaper!

This post is by Sophia Christodoulou