What is the VALUE programme and how it could help you?

An image of a group of students studyingThe VALUE programme is a support programme targeted towards students to help them during exam season and to ease their worries due to various factors. The programme offers two aspect to it.

  • The first aspect is revision and exam training to aid students before the sessions take place. It is used as additional support while students wait to see if they’re enlisted on the programme.
  • The second aspect is the exam preparation conducted in a seminar style and organised by teachers to summaries the core aspects of the modules. The students get the opportunity to ask questions and have their content more applied to the exam context.

The courses that offer the VALUE programme for some of their modules are: Economics, Computing, Anthropology, Business (KBS), Law (KLS), Politics, International Relations, and Maths (SMSAS).  To be allowed in to the programme you would need to attend a 30 minute interview during weeks 17-22 to assess your educational needs, performance, and if you could benefit from other support.

My experience

So I became aware of the opportunity to go to the VALUE programme for my course in my lectures for Social Anthropology in first year.  I took the opportunity to contact the service and list my interest. I was told I must interview to enter the process. For my interview I was nervous as I wasn’t sure if my academic progress at the time would warrant me going into the service.

During the interview I listed my previous qualifications- a mix of BTEC’s and A-levels. I described how I often struggle with exams and how I feel this added supported would help me progress to hopefully passing first year. The interviewer discussed what the VALUE programme did and described how it could help me. I felt relieved that I finally was putting steps into progress to improve.

The induction explained the process of the VALUE programme.  Based on my course two modules were offered SE302 and SE301, both exam modules. My first session was within a week.  I had three sessions that week and three other the next. So that means over a course of two week module I had three sessions. The last sessions was a day after my first exam. I was ready to drive in.

For my SE302 module I had my seminar leader, a PhD student, go over each section. I just really struggle with this module it was hard for me to grasp the large content of the module. I learned about bipedalism and honestly after getting clarification I felt more at ease in finishing and doing my exams.

The SE301 module sessions were amazing they literally helped me regain confidence. We brainstormed the first session on the timeline of the first term’s content. It just really helped me regain confidence in the subject. I was able to really just understand the content. I grew because of the sessions to the point I realised the passion I had for the subject I study.

Overall I would highly recommend using the VALUE programme as it helped me so much. I have passed my first year exams because of it. If I had gone it alone I would never have been able to progress. It’s important to use the tools available to help you succeed. There’s no shame in accepting help. We pay so much to be at university and contribute so much of our time while here, so it’s important to utilise the resources available.

Maryam Ali, current Kent student