How to use the library

University of Kent library spaces The Templeman Library is where you will end up spending many of your hours here at Kent, not only socialising and completing notes and work, but also in order to check out books, borrow laptops, watch DVDs, reserve study spaces and, potentially, complete and submit work.

The Templeman Library is open daily from 08:00 to 23:00, and during exam periods is open 24/7.

How do I check which spaces are free in the library?

There are a number of electronic boards positioned around showing where the free spaces in the library with a desktop computer are. There are also many areas in which you can use a laptop in the library, and if you don’t have your own laptop you can use one of the loan laptops.

How do I use the printer, copier and scanner?

Whenever you visit the library you will need your KentOne card to sign in, this allows you to enter past the barriers and also to access the printers, copiers and scanners.

The printers are very simple to use, you firstly choose the file to print on a student PC, choosing to print to either A4, A3, Colour A4 or Colour A3 printers, then scan your KentOne Card to log into the machine of choice, use the screen on the machine to select and print your file and then ensure to hit the log out button when finished.

In order to use the copier, you must first scan your Kent One card to log in to the machine. On the screen of the machine select ‘use copier functions’ then select ‘next’, after doing so press ‘copy’, place the item you wish to copy face down on the glass and close the lid, ensure that you press the green ‘start’ button, then always ensure to hit the log out button when finished.

In order to use the scanners, you must first swipe your KentOne card to log in to the machine, then on screen press ‘use copier functions’, then ‘next’, then select ‘mail2me’. Place your item face down on the glass and close the lid, press the green button to scan a page, place the next page in the scanner, press the button again to scan, then press “complete” when all the pages are scanned, ensure to press the home button and log out when finished.

How do I check a book out, return items and prevent potential fines?

You will need your KentOne card in order to borrow from the library, you will need to take your books to a borrow and renew machine, place the books on the machine and scan your KentOne Card in order to borrow the books or items. Loan periods range from 7 day loans to reference items (which need to stay within the library).

Students are able to borrow up to 40 items in any format such as books, multimedia, and journals. Books are able to be reserved if you need it and all copies are on loan, in most cases you will be able to get a copy within a week. If items are in another collection such as the Drill Hall library or the Tonbridge Centre Library then you are able to reserve such items by using the ‘place reservation’ button in order to request these books and get them delivered to the Templeman library, or visa-versa to any of the other centres.

In order to prevent fines and return books in the correct timeframe you should regularly log into your library account through Library Search in order to understand the items you have on loan and ensure that you extend loans if you need to, or return books before the expiry date.

Fines will occur if items aren’t returned on time or if someone has reserved the item and you haven’t returned it. Fines will also occur if you do

University of Kent printers scanner copier

n’t return a document delivery book by the final due date, or if you lose or damage a book, therefore ensure that you take good care of any item you borrow and return your books in time. Take books that need to be returned to the return machine in the Templeman Library, Block C, on the Ground Floor.

How do I borrow a laptop?

Students are able to borrow a laptop to use within the library from the self-service cabinets in Block B, or on the ground floor (near the Library Café), and Block C, Floor 2.

In order to borrow a laptop, firstly you will need your KentOne card and you will need to press Borrow on the screen on the cabinet and follow the on-screen instructions as to where the laptop is located. Ensure that you keep a close eye on your loaned laptop as you are responsible for returning it safely. When you are finished with the laptop ensure that you return it straight away, in order to get it back on charge for the benefit of others.

Laptop loans need to stay within the library, and need to be looked after appropriately, for example if you are using a removable device such as a USB stick, check it for viruses in order to ensure that you don’t spread or catch any viruses. Ensure you report any issues to the IT & Library Support desk or report these to the Welcome Desk when the Support Desk is closed.

You must return a laptop to the same cabinet and shelf as instructed on the screen, as not all of the power cables are the same. Ensure you plug the laptop back into the power cable to check it back in against your account. The loaned laptops allow you to access the internet (using Internet Explorer) and email, allow you to work on documents using Microsoft Office and print to campus printers. They also allow you to access files and folders on the Kent Network.

Headphone loans

Students are able to borrow a set of headphones to use in the Templeman Library, these headphones are available from the IT & Library Support Desk. In order to borrow these, you will need to show your KentOne card. The headphones are able to be returned during staffed hours to the IT & Library Support Desk and outside staffed hours the headphones are able to be returned to the Welcome Desk.

By Oliver Daws, current Kent student