Some lesser known societies

university of kent society logosAt Kent there is such a wide variety of societies that everyone can find something for them.  Everyone knows about the sports societies, or academic societies or the faith societies but some at the University decided to create societies for more niche interests and therefore are less well-known than other societies.  Yet, they may be exactly what you are looking for!

Here is a few of the societies that are lesser known than others and that you might not have known existed.  If any of these appeal to you this is your chance to share your passions and interests and to make friends with other like-minded people.  This is your chance to get involved and really make the most of your time at university.  All these societies have their page on the Kent Union website –, but many also have their own website or Facebook page which will have up to date information, live updates and where you can easily contact the committee.

Gaming societies

From board games to video games there might be the society for you…

Eureka RM

This is the society for the fans of strategy games and puzzles.  This society aims to introduce more games (board and card games) and puzzle games (logic puzzles, number puzzles, riddles etc) to their members.  This is a platform which allows members to share their strategies in games and have fun playing these games with other strategists.

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Kent Video Gaming society

The title is self-explanatory, this is the society for all fans of video gaming.  The society aims to accommodate for both casual and hard-core gamers as well as for PC or console gamers.  They also organise competitions and have separate groups for specific games

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Kent Overwatch

This society is committed to Overwatch.  They run the official Kent Overwatch E-sports, run socials and generally host a friendly environment for fans of the game to link up and socialise.

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Kent League of Legends

League of Legends is famous for uniting players regardless of age, religion, race, culture and personality.  The Kent society aims to continue to connect people from all over the university all united by their love of the game.  The society also organises small-scale tournaments with prizes, LAN and competitions between players. They also create teams to enter into the National University E-Sports League, to compete with other teams from other universities.

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Watching Societies

Share your passion for films and TV shows with other fans.

Kentanimeted (Anime)

The University’s society celebrating all things Japanese animation, manga and subculture.  The society holds weekly showings of the best anime, 4 episodes of a series each week, to give a wide range of what the genre has to offer.  They also run weekly classes on anime-related topics such as Manga-ka Check and J-Talk, as well as an annual trip to London’s MCM Comic Con.

See their website for more info:

Western Cartoon Soc

The sister society to Kentanimeted, where they share a love and appreciation for Cartoons from America and Europe.  They run weekely screenings of kid’s cartoons, grown up cartoons and animated films both mainstream and independent.  So if you miss curling up on the sofa to watch your favourite cartoons this might be the society for you!

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Science Fiction, Fantasy and Extreme Cult (SFX)

Are you a fan of science fiction and fantasy films and TV shows?  This society holds screenings of films/TV shows as well as holding fun events like quizzes and socials, and going to conventions.  They also hold a huge charity event – Geekfest – annually with costumes and a huge raffle.

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Drinking Societies

These societies are not about binge drinking or getting excessively drunk.  They are instead about enjoying the finer things in life, and trying new drinks to discuss with others.

Real Ale and Cider Society

This is a relaxed and friendly environment where people get together to drink exactly what they love.  Whether it’s a pint of ‘the usual’ or you’re willing to try something new, this is the society for those that enjoy a drink with a friendly bunch but don’t want to go out to a nightclub.  Canterbury has a wide range of pubs to choose from and this society makes the most of that.  As part of this society you will receive discounts at many of these pubs.  This society also hosts a variety of other events such as trips to beer festival, the Golden Mile crawl and brewing seminars.

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Wine Tasting

This society believes in teaching fellow wine appreciators about the best wines available.  This society aims to educate their members on the joys of wine tasting, giving them the ability to recognize and distinguish aromas, flavours and other bouquets.

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Are You Not Drinking Much?

Alternatively, if drinking is not your thing this society might be for you.  This society strives to provide a safe space for students to socialise and engage in a range of activities, whilst free from the pressure of drinking.  This society is open to everyone from non or light drinkers to those looking for an alcohol-free night.  They host a variety of nights such as quizzes, games nights, café crawls and the ‘Where’s Wally Spectacular’.

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Have a passion, find like-mined people who also share your passion in these societies.

Football Fans

This society is about bringing fans of football together to take part in many football-related events and activities.  It is your chance to meet other fans of the same game and team.  They hold FIFA tournaments every 2-3 weeks and kickabouts regularly as well as social scheduled around big matches such as Champions League matches, El Classico and England matches.  More events such as away day trips to football matches are also a possibility.

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UKC Hogwarts Society

Celebrating all things Potter and the world of J. K. Rowling.  They strive to create an environment that is welcoming to all.  They hold weekly meeting and activities as well as regular trips to the Studio Tours, a Yule Ball and host their own Triwizard Tournament.  They also have their own Quidditch team who play the game ‘muggle style’ and who competed in the British World Cup at Batmans House earlier this year.

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The University of Kent’s Rock and Metal music society.  They aim to bring together likeminded rock fans, metalheads and everything in-between.  They host a variety of live music, DJ and social events.  Both on and off campus their standout events include the Alternative Fresher’s Ball, diverse live music events and various seasonal events.

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Try something completely new!!

20 Minute Society

Fancy a mystery of a night?  The 20 minute society organises events and parties with a specific theme, the only catch … you don’t know where until 20 minutes before the event starts.  Members receive a text of the location and they have 20 mins to get there.  This is an all-inclusive environment for a variety of members and a variety of events.

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Travel Society

Enabling students to meet likeminded individuals who are passionate about traveling and exploring different cultures.  Meet up with others that share your passion to travel and find a travel buddy.  They host regular travel themed socials throughout the year and each term 2 trips are organised, one in the UK another abroad.  They team up with Kent RAG to get you out of your their comfort zone and try something new.

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UKC Gardening and Foraging

This is a student-led project intent on revitalising the Oasis Garden in Parkwood.  They run regular workshops, events, walks and gardening sessions.  They grow fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers as well as using the space for creativity – such as natural art, photography and upcycling.  Gardening and associated activities have many benefits, providing a good form of exercise, general wellbeing, a needed break from studying, free food and making friends.

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Kent Poker

This society provides a place and a means for people to get together and play poker.  The society has become one of the University’s largest and most popular societies.  This society will teach beginners how to play as well as arrange largescale tournaments all year round as well as social events.  This society welcomes all individuals with any skill level, and encourages beginners too.

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By Alice Nicholas