Looking forward to stage two

An image of students in a seminar room

As we approach the end of August, it is definitely time to start thinking about the new academic year and what lies ahead. It also signifies the completion of my first year at Kent and I really cannot describe how happy I am to have returned to education and to be where I am now. Yes, it has been a lot of hard work but it has also been so rewarding and enjoyable. What I find interesting is that I no longer think of myself as the ex-railway employee who is now a student, but rather the student who could hopefully one day be a photographer or working in the arts.

Now I must admit, the summer vacation has been a long one already, and there is still another month to go. For me it’s been an opportunity to work in a job on campus which has been pretty much full-time so far. One of my main concerns before returning to education was the availability of work in order to earn enough money for the whole three years, but there has been no need to worry. The Job Shop and the Work-Study Scheme have both advertised many vacancies in the run up to the holidays. One of the nice things about working on campus this summer has been to see how different the mood and atmosphere is during this time of year. Besides a small number of students there are a lot of holidaymakers around using the campus accommodation to enjoy Canterbury and the surrounding areas.

So, I am ready and very much looking forward to returning in September. To be honest, I really can’t wait! I know a lot more will be expected of me as I enter stage two but the module choices are more varied and the subject matter is more in depth. With having chosen modules that delve further into art, photography, sculpture and more, it should be an exciting year ahead. I also look forward to spending more time in the photography darkroom, something which I have only recently returned to following the twenty-year gap since leaving school. It’s been great to see that it is stocked with the products and equipment that I am familiar with, but I will save talking about that for another occasion. A lot of people have said to me during the first year that my time at university will fly by, and truthfully, the first year really has. So far it has been the life experience that I signed up for and was hoping to gain. Now let’s see what the next year brings…

This post is by Ben Dawkins