Top 10 packing tips for university

An image of a university of kent student in their bedroom

To help you get ready for the big move, have a look at our top packing tips. Don’t worry if you forget something – once you’re here, you’ll be able to buy anything else you need

1 – Bring your own bedding – you can’t beat your own duvet and pillow!

2 – If you’re bringing your TV, don’t forget your TV licence. A hefty fine will seriously eat into your student loan…

3 – Bring an extension lead or two – there are never enough plug sockets

4 – It can get incredibly windy up on the hill in Canterbury, so don’t bother bringing an umbrella – warm clothes and a coat with a hood is best

5 – Remember to bring things from home to brighten and personalise your room. It will feel more familiar; plus photos are great for kicking off conversations with your new flatmate

6 – Don’t forget a few cooking utensils – a bottle opener is often a favourite!

7 – Tea, coffee and biscuits are Welcome Week essentials

8 – Pack fancy dress clothes. Kent Union loves a theme night – no matter whether you’re collecting money for RAG, being initiated into a club or society, or just simply checking out the campus nightclub: school discos, beach parties, 70’s, 80’s, Hallowe’en… get the idea?! Don’t forget your old school tie!

9 – You’ll need dinner jackets, smart clothes or dresses for the several balls we’re planning this year. We’re having one in the first week, so keep an eye out in the summer sales! Charity shops can also be an untapped source for things like this, and you may as well start watching the pennies early.

10 – Don’t forget your essential documents. Bring some extra passport-sized photos as they always come in handy.

This is a guest post written by the digital communications officer at the University of Kent.