Goodbye Kent!

An image of students relaxing in a student barI am writing this final blog post after already having moved out of residence and back home to Iceland. I spent the last academic year as an exchange student at the University of Kent and I am struggling to pull myself away from this new home away from home. Kent has shown me how quickly you can fall in love with a place that is so different from all that you’re used to. I was initially so intimidated to start school in the UK after hearing how difficult the modules are expected to be and not knowing much about the school itself before I came here.

I was pleased to jump right into everything, making a friend in my very first class who stayed with me until the end of my exchange, and raising my average from home by over 10%. I made lifelong friends out of the students I met in Parkwood. I got so involved in different societies and all the culture, events, and academic opportunities that the University readily offered up.

I have enjoyed my time studying along such intelligent and motivated students that I have even started research into coming back at some point to pursue another degree! It’s been an absolute pleasure to call myself a Uni of Kent student and to have walked around such a thriving campus. I am honoured to have been able to write for this blog and share my experiences with anyone who has read it.

Thank you to the University of Kent for everything. To current/graduating students – good luck in all that you do here and beyond, I know all of you have been trained for success and you will find the perfect opportunities that each of you crave. To the future/considering students – this is the school that can change your life, and provide you with the things you never even thought you needed.

Thanks for listening.

For the last time,