Where to study on campus

An image of the library at the University of Kent Canterbury campus

We are well into the spring term already, and thoughts will soon turn to looming coursework deadlines, and the dreaded revision. Living on campus it can be tricky to get peace and quiet in halls as flat mates have different deadlines and personalities. Living off campus often brings other issues too like roadworks and traffic noise, and mature students often have a whole host of other distractions in the home such as children and pets.

It can seem just as tricky to find a nice quiet spot on campus too as the library is often intimidatingly full, especially as the term goes on.  There are loads of other great study spaces on campus though, and you can even check how many computers are free online at https://www.kent.ac.uk/student/studying/pcrooms/ before setting off. If you have a laptop it is also worth just taking a walk around campus buildings to see if there are any quiet spots around with seating and a socket to charge you laptop on an epic study session! The fresh air and leisurely walk can also help clear your head and plan how to use your time effectively.

As the weather (hopefully) improves, why not get some fresh air and study on the grass overlooking the picturesque city of Canterbury with its beautiful cathedral. Most of all remember to take frequent breaks and talk to others on your course. You are all in the same boat and talking things through can really help to make you feel on top of things and able to enjoy your time at Kent.

This post is by Claire Dowling