Three inspiring first year wild modules

An image of university of kent students studying textsIn Freshers’ Week I was advised to spend my first year discovering new subjects, taking wild modules and fully enjoying myself at the start of university journey. This was a conclusion that one of senior lecturers from my school drew from their welcome speech. The speech sounded truly inspirational, even more so when I started my research on social sciences/humanities subjects available as first year wild modules. In this post I am going to present you some of my findings and, hopefully, this will give you an idea of how diverse and eye-opening your experience at Kent can be.

HI416 – Victorian Britain: Politics, Society and Culture

I took this module in my first term at university and so far it has been the best module of my first year. The period of knowledge, industrial development and smog, empire, national exhibitions, questioning sexuality and gender, understanding of animal rights, construction of first public parks and gardens, political caricatures and supernatural séances –  the Victorian era portrayed in this module is complex and full of small but important details. Some people say that there is nothing new under the sun. I beg to differ – the Victorian period is a transition between the old and the new worlds and it is stunning to see this transition in action.

School of History

Autumn term – 15 credits

CL358 – Words are Weapons: Insults in Classical Literature

The title of this module might sound a bit cruel, but it could also be a great fun to explore Greek and Roman literature in the context of insults, both formal and informal. Although insults are usually not the subject that is widely discussed in society, they are key to the understanding of gender, sexuality, ethnicity and status. If you’re interested in this module, be prepared to find yourself in a library reading ancient sources as well as modern scholarships.

School of European Culture and Languages

Spring term – 15 credits

EN334 – Introduction to Creative Writing: Ideas and Practice

Have you ever imagined yourself as a storyteller? This module in creative writing opens a door to the world of basic types and forms of literary writing. Throughout the module you will have an opportunity to discuss works of many famous prose and poetry writers, as well as conducting your own portfolio of creative literary works.

School of English

Spring term – 15 credits

This post is by Kate Slobodian