Five day trips from Canterbury campus

An image of Whitstable One of the best parts of student life here on Canterbury campus, in my opinion, is travelling. The campus benefits from a superior location right in the heart of the Garden of England – Kent. Close to beautiful and historic seaside towns, amusement parks, museums and heritage sites, vibrant and bustling European capitals – all you need is a couple of good friends, train/bus pass and the spirit of adventure that could show you the way to go. In this post I want to share some towns and cities that I find to be great destinations for a day away from campus.


Well, this is the obvious one. Whitstable is a charming and cosy seaside town with excellent fish markets and a selection of crafty and vintage shops. It is also perfect for cycle hire, as it offers a range of traffic-free cycling paths with startling views over the town. Local castle and gardens host a variety of events throughout the year and art galleries can surprise you with the quality of exhibited paintings.

How to get there?

Via buses from Keynes Bus stop to Whitstable with departure every 15 minutes


Walk via Crab & Winkle Way that starts right between Parkwood Flats and Oaks Day Nursery


An image of Folkestone harbour

I would compare Folkestone to a Victorian dreamland with its Bohemian promenade and blooming coastal gardens. It’s not just the sea that hooks your attention in Folkestone, but also the stunning beauty of pictorial hills and friendly people. Also, the town has lovely Nineteenth century lifts to transfer you from the top of the hill to the coastal park and interactive World War I monuments.

How to get there?

16 and 17 bus routes from Canterbury bus station



An image of Tower Bridge in London

British capital is bright, multicultural, cosmopolitan and diverse, but most importantly – it’s just under an hour away from Canterbury. You can find all sorts of experiences here, but I would highly recommend you explore local food markets, seasonal festivals or have a picnic in one of London’s secret gardens. And have I mentioned traveling upstairs on double-decker bus sometime in the evening?

How to get there?

Fast speed trains from Canterbury West Station


Cheaper trains from Canterbury East Station


An image of Brussels Grand PlaceNo wonder our university decided to open a campus specialised in political sciences right in the heart of the European political capital. Although the city is famous for having random and erratic architecture, it beautifully combines historical and modern and could be a good place to spend a weekend in. Spend your day enjoying iconic 17th century architecture, street-art masterpieces and do not forget to buy some famous Belgian chocolate on your way home.

How to get there?

From Canterbury West Station to Ashford International by fast speed train and then Eurostar train to Brussels


An image of Paris

Paris charms visitors with its romantic and evocative atmosphere. Imagine yourself at World’s fair back in 1900 visiting Eiffel Tower. Remind yourself of tales of the medieval city visiting Norte-Dame de Paris. Try traditional French Macarons or Paris-Brest in one of the vintage local cafes on the Seine riverside.

How to get there?

From Canterbury West Station to Ashford International by fast speed train and then Eurostar train to Paris.


This post is by Kate Slobodian