Success with Study Plus

An image of study plus christmas decorations

As a postgraduate student I have studied at other universities and can honestly say I have never come across anything like the Study Plus scheme at Kent. You can take courses in anything from stone carving to screenwriting, the solar system to woodland coppicing or Christmas wreath making, all free of charge!

Last term I took advantage of a few of these and got to meet some great new people, and learn a range of new skills. There are loads of great courses scheduled for next term – I have already signed up to an introduction to the Welsh language and the literary phenomenon of Harry Potter, and will probably find more courses to fill my time!

It couldn’t be easier to sign up. All you have to do is log into SDS and select the ‘Workshops’ menu item. Then check the box labelled ‘Study Plus’ and the lisĀ An image of a study plus woodland decorationt of courses will appear. Select the courses you like the look of and check the dates and times fit in with your timetable.

As you can imagine the courses fill up quickly, but don’t be discouraged if the course you really fancy is full. Keep checking back, especially close to the time as people may be unable to attend and cancel their place. It is also really important to withdraw from any courses you can’t make as soon as possible so that other students can have the opportunity to take the place. I was quite shocked to attend courses last term with under half the expected number of people there, despite the courses being full on SDS. I hadn’t realised, but also ensure that you email the study plus team too when you withdraw from a course on SDS, otherwise they will think you booked a course that you failed to attend.

Take a look and see – it couldn’t be easier, and as well as meeting people and learning new skills to add to your CV, you can also gain Employability Points.

This post is by Claire Dowling