Societies- it’s never too late!

An image of students in the university of kent fencing society

Kent has a multitude of teams and societies to cater for a wide range of interests, and they’re a great way to meet like-minded people outside your academic course. But in your first term it’s also hard to know who you are and what you want to commit yourself to.

After the upheaval and endless possibilities in the autumn as a first year student, it might seem that, having picked your societies in September, you have to stick with them forever. You might realise that you weren’t as cut out for your initial choices as you once thought, thinking that the door has now closed on your desire to try out baking or extreme Frisbee since you didn’t sign up at the beginning of the year.  Never fear- there’s still time to get involved in new clubs and activities.

Look out for the Refresher’s Fayre at the beginning of the spring term. As its name suggests, societies and sports teams set up stalls on campus promoting themselves, in a re-run of the autumn term’s event aimed at freshers. This is your chance to try out and sign up for all the things that passed you by the first time around. This is a great opportunity, as I found that my interests had changed since September and I had a greater sense of what I wanted to do in the second term.

Make the most of this second chance- it’s never too late to discover your passions at Kent.

This post is by Amber Phillips