Week 12

An image of universirty of kent students studyingI honestly can’t believe that now, in mid-December, we are almost at the end of the autumn term. For myself, this has been my first term at university. Time moves fast! And yes, the festive period is just around the corner, so it seems like a good time to reflect a little and report back on just a few of my initial thoughts of studying at Kent.

Time management and motivation.

Sounds horrible, but hugely important. Having enjoyed the summer off this year (for me, the first time in many years), it was difficult to establish a good routine in the first month or so. It’s easier to think of studying like having a job. Find a pattern that works best but do treat study days with set start and finish times. It’s ok to deviate on occasions, as long as the time is made up elsewhere. As a study tip, I was recommended a while ago to tackle reading texts in the mornings when you are more focused, and I’ve found that works really well.

The UK’s European university.

Yes, it really is! Great campus, modern facilities, and lots of people. So many students and staff from so many different countries and backgrounds, it’s great! Being a mature student I’ve arrived here from a career in a very cosmopolitan company and feared I would miss the diversity, but that’s not an issue. Also, future opportunities such as summer schools or an optional year abroad are a bonus of Kent’s unique set up. Make the most of it!

Don’t forget to look back.

As we move from one week to the next with classes, reading, library visits and so on, it’s easy to forget how far we have come. Certainly for me, on a day-to-day basis it has felt like a lot of hard work. Thinking back to the classes however, recent presentations that I have made, and my first proper essays, I have learnt so much more about art and the artists that I love. It’s good to think back and take a moment to appreciate what we have achieved already.

The extra-curricular stuff.

I just say stuff because there is so much of it! There is something for everyone. To keep my French skills alive I am taking a Language Express course this year, and I’ve even joined a few of the societies. I am a member of the photography one where I am really looking forward to using the darkroom soon. The only trouble I have at the moment is finding the time, but I’m sure I will do. Whatever hobbies you may have, there will definitely be something to participate in here at Kent.

This post is by Ben Dawkins