Benefits of living in Parkwood

An image of a parkwood bedroom at the university of kent.Parkwood is often overlooked by prospective students due to its longer distance to the centre of campus. However, Parkwood is more then that. Here is why you should consider Parkwood, when applying for accommodation:

1). The location is marvellous!

Parkwood residents are lucky to be surrounded by nature. The walk to campus makes it worth waking up for every 9am lecture – you are literally wandering through woodland with rich wildlife: rabbits, squirrels and hedgehogs, all are there. Just behind the courts the famous Crab & Winkle Way starts. It is a walking (or cycling, if you prefer) way from Canterbury to Whitstable. In approximately 30 minutes on the way you can see old graveyards, meet incredibly friendly horses and witness breath-taking natural landscapes.

2). Community feel

It is great when we see warm weather in Parkwood. On such occasion students have picnics, play guitars, dancing and singing – having fun – outdoors. However, even if the weather is not so friendly, many parties are taking place inside the houses.

3). Our own Essentials

We have our own supermarket in Parkwood. It is smaller then Essentials on the central campus, but it has a different choice of food. Parkwood Essentials is the only place on campus, where you can buy Mozzarella and enjoy the unique tastes of Pop-Tarts.

4). The Pavillion

Woodys – a popular student bar – was demolished this year. Currently the whole of Parkwood is waiting for a new development. But for now we have our pub quizzes at the Pavillion – a catering outlet that offers great food and affordable prices.

An image of the parkwood houses accommodation at the university of kent5). Sport pitches nearby

Pitches are literally across the road! If you are a sporty person, you will fully enjoy this advantage.

6). Study Hubs

There are two Study Hubs in here – Parkwood Study Hub and Nickle Court Study Hub. The Parkwood one has a great amount of computers and is very popular among students not only from the Parkwood area. Nickle Court Study Hub has been renovated recently and currently is the best Study Hub on campus. You will love spending your time here in and informal and comfortable atmosphere. It is open 24/7 to Parkwood residents only.

7). Constant developments

Construction works are never over in Parkwood. And this is a privilege! As it was mentioned before, we are awaiting for a new catering establishment in September 2018. The plan for the building looks so gorgeous that we cant wait to see it! In addition to that, the university constantly renovates footways and plans to create a blooming meadow in the “jungles”.

This post is by Kate Slobodian