Exploring campus

Within the first week or so of moving to uni, it is probably a good idea to explore our beautiful campus. You’ll want to be well acquainted as there is much to discover, and it might even be handy to know where your lectures and seminars take place!

An image of the University of Kent Canterbury campus

The first thing that you might want to locate is the laundry room, and then forget about it for a few weeks until you realise you have no clean clothes left. It shouldn’t be hard to find as a campus map will be provided in your new humble abode and it won’t be far from your accommodation in any case, as each college has one. The great thing about exploring campus in your first week is that you won’t be the only who’s lost, and you can take your flat/housemates with you and get to know each other better along the way.

Another great find is the Gulbenkian, it’s our campus cinema and theatre with great student deals, as well as a lovely café. Not far from there is the library, which you cannot miss, as its rather large. Venture into the library and explore the array of books and seating areas; you’re guaranteed to find a spot that takes your fancy, and from then on spend much of your time there.

For those of you who, like me, have a rigorous training schedule and plan on visiting the gym often, then the sports hall might be your first port of call. It’ll be on the map and on signs around campus and you can even find a handy short cut opposite the Keynes car park.  From there you might want to venture to the pavilion where, if you plan on joining a sports team/society you’ll visit weekly. You can even hop on the bus to Park Wood and get dropped off outside.

Once you receive your timetable at the end of fresher’s week, I advise you to locate the buildings ahead of time. The building and room will be put on your timetable in a strange form that looks somewhat like algebra. But fear not! Upon clicking that strange code you’ll find the full name and directions to the building and exact room.

Essentials, the pharmacy and medical centre are also all pretty handy to locate for self-explanatory reasons and I won’t bore you with why you might want to explore the range of pop tarts in Essentials or the decongestants in the pharmacy. Do take stroll over there and check them out though – you’ll be thankful once your struck down with fresher’s flu!

If you’re starting to feel a little like Dora The Explorer, then simply take a leisurely trip around campus. There are plenty of open spaces, short cuts and striking views over the city to discover, and it’ll be a good way to bond with your new friends and begin to feel at home on campus.

During your travels around campus keep an eye out for bunnies and ducks, just be careful not to name them as you can become quite attached (I still wonder how Donald and Daffy are doing).

Good luck and enjoy!

This post is by Becky Rye.