Five great ways to spend your weekend in Canterbury


An image of Canterbury Cathedral

You’ve made it through your stressful week of lectures and collapse on Friday evening in a caffeine-fuelled heap. The question is: what do you do for the next two days?

It’s very tempting, especially as a fresher, to go out and party hard in the evenings and then spend the rest of the weekend curled in a duvet cocoon, bingeing on your favourite shows. Whilst this is perfectly acceptable in Fresher’s Week, you’ll probably get bored of this after a couple of weeks, when cabin fever will force you to consider venturing outside.

One of the biggest regrets for university leavers is not taking the time to get to know their university towns. Avoid this mistake and use your weekends to make the most of living in Canterbury (after you’ve finished your work for the next week of course!) Here are my top five  tips for things to do in and around the city:

Nurse your hangover

If you do overdo it on Friday or Saturday night, Canterbury is filled with restaurants and cafes offering a hearty fry-up to revive you the following day. One of my personal favourites is the Beano Café near Westgate, which serves delicious all-day cooked breakfasts for around five pounds, including the essential cup of tea. It’s also a great place to eavesdrop on other hungover students, laughing about their antics the night before.

Brush up on culture

The Gulbenkian is right on campus, meaning that you don’t have to go far for entertainment. The theatre and cinema have new performances and screenings every week, and with some discounts available on tickets for Kent students, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Have a look on their website to find out more about deals and upcoming shows. If culture isn’t your thing, then the café is still a great place to grab a hot chocolate.

Seek divine inspiration

Obviously, I can’t talk about the local sights without mentioning Canterbury Cathedral. Aside from its cultural and religious importance, this beautiful building boasts over 1400 years of history, which you can feel as soon as you walk in. I love coming here for the quiet atmosphere, and the astonishing architecture has to be seen from inside to be really appreciated.  Entry is also free for UKC students as long as you show your Kent student card, so it’s brilliant for a day out that won’t break the bank.

Go further afield

Canterbury benefits from some excellent public transport networks, linking the city to towns across the county as well as the capital, so make the most of it! If you fancy a trip to the seaside in warmer weather, hop on the bus to Whitstable (which you can catch from Keynes bus stop on campus), or Margate, from the city centre bus station. Or why not jump on the train and head down to Dover? You can visit the beautiful Dover Castle, perched high on the hill above the town, and admire the spectacular sea views from the Great Tower.

Do your research

Keep your eye out in town and on campus for flyers advertising upcoming events in the community, or get googling- whether it’s fireworks, music and food in Canterbury or the Oyster Festival in Whitstable, there’s always something going on. So be open-minded and get exploring!


This post is by Amber Phillips