A course of two halves…

...my second chance

An image of a confused person trapped in a mazeAs a part-time postgrad living off campus it can be difficult to make the most of university life. There are so many options open to freshers: sports clubs, societies, volunteering, employability points, language express courses… to name only a few!

I had great intentions starting my course last year. I went along to the Fresher’s Fairs and signed up to over a dozen clubs, intending to go to as many taster sessions as I could possibly squeeze in. I planned to log as many volunteering hours as I could and attend every careers event!

Then a nasty bout of Fresher’s flu stopped me in my tracks. I missed all of the taster sessions, and while catching up on coursework and lectures, thoughts of volunteering and attending seminars became a distant memory. Despite my best intentions the year went by, and although I enjoyed my studies I missed out on all of the extra curricular activities I had been so keen to undertake.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and I now realise my expectations last year were unrealistic. All of the opportunities Kent has to offer are very tempting, but it is better to spend time and effort researching activities, then concentrating on fewer things rather than trying to spread yourself too thinly. So far I have learnt from my mistakes last year, which is not easy as I am sure there are more events and societies than last year!

This post is by Claire Dowling