What to expect during Freshers’ Week

Students on the university of kent campus in freshers weekUniversity is either an exciting or an extremely nerve wracking thought as for many of us, it’s the first time we’ve lived away from home. Although there is no one guide that fits all, I can confidently say freshers week is the most important week.

Starting off with the journey to uni. You pack your car to the brim of exploding, lose your way in the traffic, inevitably find the big blue University of Kent sign, make your way down University Road having no idea what’s about to happen.

Your first step is to find your college, for me it was Tyler Court belonging to Rutherford college. We pulled up outside, grabbed my key from the reception, flagged down a moving-in volunteer and dragged my suitcases to the top floor. I say dragged but the lift did most of the work…

I was the first in my flat so luckily for my socially awkward self, I moved in without having to talk to anyone. When your flatmates do arrive it’s very important you greet them. These are the people you’re going to spend the next year living with. It’s not like school when you see your friends then go home, these people see you at your best and worst.

You’ll soon learn that freshers week is all about the nights. Events are on throughout the week, each seeming as important as the last.

The first night is the most important; it’s where you really meet your flatmates. The pressure to drink can be intense but if you do not drink, please don’t be peer pressured. Many say Venue is only tolerable when drunk and to an extent that’s true, just stick to your guns!

We’ve all had those nights of going out and getting off our faces drunk, the first night is not that night. Don’t be that person who needs to be carried home, throws up everywhere and stays in bed till 6pm the next day. Your flatmates will not let you forget about it *cough* Lucy G *cough*.

Days are strange during freshers week. Nothing much happens, you’ll either be nursing your hangover (each flatmate has their own cure), finishing unpacking, pre- reading or chatting with your flatmates. It is worth noting that you will have introduction lectures during freshers week which can be important e.g. lab safety for the physical scientists. Also get online and learn about the facilities and library as you can’t ‘student’ without them.

This may all sound a bit serial but that word exactly sums up freshers week. I can hand on heart say my flat wouldn’t have been as close without freshers week. Please make sure you are there and are willing to be more extrovert then you normally are. If none of this sounds like your cup of tea, just remember that it’s only a week.

Best wishes for the year ahead,

Mario Elia 😃

This post is by Mario Elia