Employability support at Kent

An image of students networking at a careers eventThe University of Kent has been shortlisted twice by the Times Higher Education Awards for Outstanding Support for Students, and a significant reason for this is because of the careers and employability services available to students. The university offers free advice to all students and for Kent graduates for two years after graduation, supporting with job applications, CVs and cover letters, and giving guidance for those of us who still aren’t sure what life after university entails (yes, I’m fourth year, and I still don’t know). The team offer one-to-one support to inform students about the options available after university and the steps to get there. As well as this, there are careers fairs during the academic year where students can network with graduate employers and become familiar with various career paths.

Kent also has the Employability Points scheme, which focuses on rewarding students for participating in extra-curricular activities alongside their degree. Whether it’s volunteering, working a part-time job, or being a member of the salsa society, the scheme aims to recognise and reward individuals for getting involved in activities which will help them develop skills to make them more employable. In return for earning these points, students can exchange points for workshops, work experience, internships, training, and vouchers. The more points earned means the greater range of opportunities students can partake in. Kent networks with plenty of highly-regarded names, such as Apogee, Handelsbanken, IBM, Becket Chambers, and the British Army. The scheme therefore covers a range of careers and encourages students from any subjects to get involved and explore different options.

Although you might not have thought about life after graduation yet, the careers team at Kent is committed to ensuring that you will be prepared for life as a graduate, and have opportunities to become as employable as possible.

This post is by Alice Dawes