Dear international students

An image of students on the University of Kent websiteI know that at this point in time with the recent Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump that you might be feeling more than just overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do but also possibly unwelcome.

As a fellow international student myself, I understand the sentiment and I realise how difficult it must be. Therefore this is just a reminder that despite these events, you are still more than welcome at Kent.

It is hard to feel at home, especially the new first years, in a new country – let alone one that has only recently been subject to a vote that divided it. The country may be divided but Kent is not; Kent is a multicultural university that strives to ensure that students interact with different cultures and that diversity is celebrated.

Go to different events. Celebrate new culture. Be aware. Always remember that the staff and other students are here to support you, and if you are feeling unwelcome or sad, then open up and let someone know. I guarantee that home students will understand and all Kent staff are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students who study here.

As for Kent staff and students, please remember to stand by your peers! You would be surprised how helpful little gestures or statements can be. We must stand united with love and cooperation as a united Kent.

Always in solidarity,
Eman Salem

This post is by Eman Salem