How to cope with stress

An image of students on the University of Kent campusNow, we are in the term break and I am sure most of you are busy with preparing for the coming exams. Some might have seven to eight exams in summer term. Do not push yourself too hard! If you feel too stressed out, why not give yourself a break like a day out to other cities nearby or walking in the town centre.

During this period, time management is the most important thing. I don’t think you need to study for long hours everyday, but just four to five hours a day. You can study three hours in the morning and two more hours in the afternoon. Apart from this, why not go out to have a walk. If you push yourself too hard, you will feel tired and bored with study, and you can’t be productive. The weather is getting nicer these days, so please enjoy your study and sunny weather. If you think you’re studying too hard, just reward yourself with a good meal in a restaurant and a day trip to London and the like. We need to study hard but need a good break too. Good luck with exams J

This post is by Kunphatu Sakwit