How to prevent exams consuming you

Uni examsExams are stressful and if you’re even half as stubborn as I am, you’re not going to take anyone’s advice and you’ll just revise 24/7. From experience I can tell you, don’t do that.

Last year my flatmates didn’t see me as I was barricaded in my room. I look back and think ‘what an idiot’. You just get all moody and hate exams, and that’s completely the wrong attitude to have. So follow this advice:

–     Have something else to do whilst revising

Just plain revising gets tedious. Make a blog, go to the gym, go for a run, start baking. Have a hobby so you’ve got something to look forward to when you wake up.

Do not make this hobby watching a TV show or gaming. For me at least, it just takes all your concentration away and you can’t get back into the flow of revision.

–     Sleep

I’ll admit I’m a night owl. I work better at night and have even been known to close my blinds to black out the room in order to work during the day.

Just remember you need to sleep or your body won’t function properly. Your brain turns to mush, digestion goes all over the place and you get bags under your eyes.

–     Food

Eat, but eat properly. When I’m working I have to be munching on something – I just make sure it’s healthy munching.

Fruit, ‘naked bites’, popcorn, sliced veggies. Doesn’t sound appealing but you need brain food and chocolate isn’t that. Plus, you start feeling really grouchy when you snack on junk, and again, that’s not the right attitude when revising.

Finally, stay away from YouTube or before you know it you’ll be busy watching videos and revising becomes your hobby.

Best of luck

This post is by Mario Elia