The art to pulling an all nighter

An image of a University of Kent bedroomWe’re at uni and it’s time to knuckle down. Not enough hours in the day to get that darn essay done? Try the night. But how do you spend your time working instead of zombieing out?

Energy. You know how you get tired and fall asleep. Imagine that without the falling asleep part. Whether it’s from fruit, fizzy drinks or coffee – you need a source of energy.

Entertainment, not a distraction. I know we all picture working flat out but it never happens like that. Your attention span isn’t as it is in the day so you need something for your breaks that won’t distract you. YouTube? No. Twitter? No. Basically stay away from the internet. Whether it’s bouncing a ball to playing a round of solitaire. Something light to stop your brain from turning into mush.

Hydration is key! Drink lots and lots of water. It’ll keep you awake and functioning…ish. I read somewhere that cucumbers are 80% water and humans are 70% water so we’re basically cucumbers. Let’s stay cumbers, hydrate!

Turn your phone off! Remember how I said to stay away from the internet? Let’s be real, your phone is the internet so stay away! Put it in a drawer, leave it outside or just lob it and find it later. As long as it’s not within an arms reach of you it’s cool.

Ok guys, be cautious with all nighters. Don’t forget that you need sleep. Remember, what goes up must come down. If you stay awake, you will crash.

Best of luck,

Mario Elia 🙂

This post is by Mario Elia