What’s Varsity like for non-sporty people?

An image of the University of Kent Hockey teamVarsity is a sporting competition between The University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church. Not that it’s much competition… Anyway, CCCU banter aside, the campus pretty much explodes with sporting fanatics, so what is it like for us non-sporty people?

A quick bit about me, sit me behind a computer and I’ll build you a website, kick me a ball and I’ll probably slip trying to kick it back. So am I qualified to be writing this post? Absolutely!

Not to be ignorant, I’ll acknowledge the three types of people.

  1. Sports! Sports! Sports!
  2. Oh my god not this again!
  3. It’s good that the CCCU hatred brings all of UKC closer together.

I am a strong number three, I love any reason to have a sense of community! Back home we had a street party to celebrate the Royal Wedding, although I’m pretty sure it was just an excuse for a drink…

So what’s campus like? Well everyone is in high spirits, banners, sporting colours and people asking which event you’re going to. It’s like a scene from an American college film.

(For all of those strong number twos, a piece of advice from me; you can avoid all this if  you know the right route.)

My advice for non-sporty people? Enjoy it whilst it’s here, blink and you’ll miss it. If you really can’t stand sports then chill, it’ll be over in few days.

I’ll be wearing my UKC hoodie with pride!

Thanks for reading 🙂


This post is by Mario Elia