Things you miss about university

An image of the University of Kent campus We move to university to get away from home but inevitably, we end up back there. Be it Christmas, a reading week or you need a haircut and don’t trust those in Canterbury to do it; somehow, we always end up back. Whilst you were away from home you began to miss it, those commodities you just don’t have at uni such as a double bed or your car. As irrational as it seems, in the short time you spend away from university you begin to miss it too.

One noticeable thing I miss when I go home is the young people. I don’t think we appreciate how good it is being surrounded by students. It feels odd going home and not having drunk people in the streets at 3 in the morning. You see I’ve began to embrace the noise the drunk’ens produce, almost like lullaby.

On a more sober note, it’s just reassuring too see people your age. I can’t shake the feeling that the more mature people are judging me for how I dress, the noise my car makes when I put my foot down or even for how fast I walk. Students are all on the same wavelength!

Freedom, it’s the reason you moved out. At university there’s no one to judge you for getting in from a night out at 5am, having an all day Netflix binge or even sleeping in until 6pm (yes… it happens). It’s shocking when you go home and everyone’s in bed 11pm so you just have to lay there sending your flat mates SOS messages.

Also, at university you learn to be your own person. Your stuff is your stuff (unless you leave it in the communal kitchen…) and your business is your business. So it seems a bit frivolous when you go home and get interrogated. This may not apply to all of you but when I get a text it’s always “who you texting? Why are you laughing at that message?”. Then I go to leave the room “where are you going?” “Who are you going with?”. You don’t get questioned like that at university, unless you catch your flatmate sneaking out… then question away :-p

This may sound like an odd one but I miss cooking for myself. Don’t feel the same? Humor me for a second. Has anyone else’s parents told them they’ve gotten skinny since they moved out to university? Does any one else feel like their parents are trying to fatten them up with cooking? I know I’m a guy so stereotypically I shouldn’t be complaining about an abundance of food being handed to me but it just gets to the point of “chill out with the sausages”.

Listen up, it’s natural to miss university, just remember that it is a normal #studentproblem.


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Mario Elia 🙂


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