Things you miss about home

An image of a student in a student bedroomThe holidays are over, it’s time to drag yourselves back to Kent. You’ve missed it; the nightlife, independence and your flatmates. You’re glad to be back but something feels different, a feeling you can’t shake – are you missing home? Subconsciously we all miss certain aspects of home life.

Cooking, personally I’m a great cook but there’s nothing more satisfying then eating a meal someone else has prepared for you.

We’ve all had them, those dreaded six hour days and then you have to go back to your halls and cook? nah, don’t even remind me. Remember school days when everything was cooked for you? (Apart from in pointless food technology lessons… half an hour is not long enough to prepare and bake a half decent chocolate cake!).

It’s been a long week, you look forward to hopping into bed with some nice clean PJ’s but oh wait… you have no clean PJ’s because you kept putting off the washing. So what do you do? Do you go and do the washing? pah no, we’re students, we get nostalgic about a time when we didn’t have to do our own washing.

Vroom Vroom… making the noises just isn’t the same. When I’m at uni I miss my car!

Cruising around your home streets… Causing trouble in the Matalan car park (come on, we’ve all done it). Then you come to uni and you have to walk everywhere or even worse… use the bus :-0 . Then you go home after a month then the unimaginable happens, you’ve forgotten how to drive!?

On a serious level guys, It’s natural to miss home. If you feel home sick then call home, Skype or talk to your friends.

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Mario Elia 🙂


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