The good and the bad of studying a joint degree

An image of undergraduate students at the University of Kent You’ve applied to study a joint degree, couldn’t decide which degree you wanted to study more? Neither could I. Slightly pessimistic about it? That’s normal, I’ll explain the the ins and outs of it.

Going to university and meeting new people can be either exciting or daunting. I hope for your sake that you find it exciting as you’ll get double the dose of people. My advice? Overcome your social anxiety and mingle – you’ll never know when you may need their help on an assignment 😉

We’ve all heard the saying that nobody likes a wise guy, personally I don’t see the problem with being a wise guy but anyway… I digress. A person studying straight one degree will know more content towards one topic. I’m not going to lie, you’ll feel bad in those seminars at first but it’s inevitable. Don’t worry though – you’ll get them back as I explain in the next paragraph.

Are you that type of person that likes to make connections between stuff? Easter eggs in films? How similar a person is to their parent? The evolution of cars? Well I am that type of person which is why I love studying two courses. You make connections between the two. You can participate in your seminar with content your fellow classmates couldn’t even think possible. You’ll look like a bad ass!

What usually happens when studying a joint degree is that you have double the amount of seminars compared those studying one course. Some people enjoy seminars so it may not be all doom and gloom, others though, sorry bud. I enjoy seminars so having double isn’t a big deal however it does mean double the seminar prep 🙁

Reading week, a week  off  for you to knuckle down on an assignment… unless you study a joint degree. Chances are your reading weeks for both courses won’t align meaning you won’t have that knuckle down time for that oh so important assignment.

Honestly though a 9am start means your awake and functioning for the essay…

I study Archaeology and Anthropology and the links between the two are great! I enjoy studying a joint degree and I hope you do too!


This post is by Mario Elia