Nightlife in Canterbury

An image of students in a nightclubThere are many aspects to student life but one which nobody really seems to be talking about is the nightlife; well things are changing as this short, geeky, socially awkward student is going to share all!

First things first there’s always something to do, regardless of what day it is. Sometimes there’s more than just something to do; take Thursday for example, Jagar Rocks (The Brewery Tavern) – if you’re not feeling that then Trash (Cuban). The problem with choice is that you and your fiends will never agree what’s best! Some people think Cuban is too small, others think Chemistry is too big, others are just bored of Venue.

You’re not that into clubs? It’s ok, neither am I – I’m more of a chilled night out with my mates kind of guy. For that we try places like Alberrys or The Pound, but if all else fails – The Wetherspoons. I mean Canterbury has no shortage of pubs – hundreds in fact, we just always seem to end up at the Wetherspoons (or as we know it, Spoons…).

Some people don’t like drinking, no problem! A number of bars offer mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails), every bar should have at least one such as the Virgin mojito at Club Burrito. At some events attending sober is actually rewarded with a free non-alcoholic drink, may I just stress some events… as in only a few.

Going out is great and has become part of university life, whether you want it to or not. My advice as an amateur clubbiest? Never drink too much that you become GTA style wasted, get a taxi wherever possible, if you’re not feeling too good in a club then leave – immediately, Keep part of your wallet (or purse) separate with money for the journey home; most importantly look out for your friends and never let anyone walk home alone.

Final piece of advice, never underestimate the fun of a drunk night in jousting with your flatmates.

Enjoy your nights out,
Mario Elia J

This post is by Mario Elia