Why you should go to the employability fair

An image of the University of Kent Employment Fair

Recently, the University of Kent have run a series of employability events across both the Medway and Canterbury campus. In particular, I would like to tell you why you should never miss out on an employability fair:

  1. You have the opportunity to speak directly to people working within different organisations. Therefore, you can find out what route they took, what the company currently offers and what they would recommend.
  2. You can find out about different jobs that you had not thought about before. There are a variety of different organisations across different sectors.
  3. You can gain information and possibly even entry into volunteering, training and jobs.
  4. You do not have to decide then and there. You can put your information down for further information and opportunities from the organisation.
  5. You can also find out about further education opportunities.
  6. You are given free items, including pens with the business details on.
  7. It only takes up a small proportion of your time and it is free!

So what have you got to lose?

It does not matter what experience you have or whether you have a clear idea of what you would like to do or not. There is always something you can gain.

This post is by Lucy Ann Smith