Why did I choose to study at Kent?

An image of the University of Kent Canterbury campusWhen you are at school you are constantly bombarded with so many different higher education options. With such a wide range of universities offering students so many different things, I thought I would write a little about why I chose Kent why I have remained at Kent into my postgraduate years.

I remember going to view a university on one of the many open days and immediately knowing whether I wanted to study there or not. I fell in love with the University of Winchester and put all of my focus into securing a place there. However, needing another option to maximise my chances to get into higher education I put down Kent. Having received an offer I decided to have a tour of the campus and the facilities. That is when my previously simple decision started to get more complicated.

The day I arrived at Kent for the Open Day was icy and cold, clearly a sign of things to come now knowing what Kentish winters are like! We were practically ice skating from the Gulbenkian over to the Gym but I fell in love with the campus and the atmosphere. I figured if I loved it in the ice and snow I knew it was the right university for me. It was far enough to gain some much needed independence as well as being close enough to home to go back should I need any washing done!

Not only were the facilities much better than any other university I had looked at but the course was fascinating and the lecturers giving the induction talks were not only inspiring but friendly and welcoming. I knew this was the university for me and by coming to have a look around, it gave me the drive and motivation to secure my place here. It was also nice to see a university that wasn’t just a collection of buildings, it has its own environment and scenery, looking down onto one of the most historic cities in the country, it really does set itself apart from other universities.

At the time of applying Kent hadn’t quite reached the Top 20 Universities in the country so having been a part of that progression while being here has been one of the greatest moments of being a student here.

Who knew that by simply needing a fifth choice of university to apply to I would find the best place for me, and stay here not only for my three years as an undergraduate student but also want to continue to develop my education as a postgraduate. Three years have gone so quickly but I regret nothing and never look back, only forwards.


This post is by Oli McVeigh