Surviving Halloween in halls

An image of spooky pumpkins
Picture by Hjl. CC BY-NC

Believe it or not – Halloween is a big deal at university. Gone are the beliefs that Halloween is for little kids, they’ve been replaced with “Halloween is a time for more drunken antics”. Whether you drink or not two things are for sure, you will be peer pressured into dressing up and you will have a damn good time in doing so!

Halloween is a very popular night so it’s important to know where you’re heading. I’m not saying plan your nights out weeks in advance but have a rough idea where. At Kent you have a good selection but let’s be real about this – Venue or Massive Mungoes?

Possibly the most important part of Halloween is to get the costume perfect! Here are my personal guidelines:
– You want an outfit that you can move in – there’s nothing worse than stumbling over and not being able to get back up.
– Avoid anything inflatable! Blowing balloons up and attaching them to yourself becoming a giant bunch of grapes isn’t as good as it sounds. Drunk people will sandwich you popping them all leaving you smelling like rubber.
– It’s cold outside! Regardless of your destination, you have to leave your flat in order to get there. It’s approaching winter so take a coat. If you insist of dressing like a bunny similar to those found in popular teen movies such as ‘Mean Girls’ – wear a trench coat.
– Do not underestimate the amount of Zombies! “I’m so original going as the undead”. Trust me when I say you’ve never seen so many zombies before. Why prey for a zombie apocalypse? Just come to Kent on Halloween – there’s less eating of brains.
– You’re never too old to stick a sheet over your head and go as a ghost – you’ll be seen as being ironic.

All kidding aside, Halloween in halls is a blast. Have fun, be safe and look out for your friends.

Ps. People don’t actually knock for sweets at uni 🙂

This post it by Mario Elia